This DIY Competition Bikini Guide will show how to save a lot of money by adding your own rhinestones to a suit.

If you’ve spent any time researching competition suits, you know they’re expensive. They can break the bank, especially if you buy a high-quality rhinestone bikini!

I will show you exactly what I did to save money for my bikini competition. I spent a total of $300 dollars for my suit and the needed supplies. If you don’t feel like adding rhinestones yourself, you can buy a pre-made one but prepare to spend a lot of money. A comparable pre-rhinestoned suit costs around $600 dollars!

By purchasing a plain suit and adding rhinestones myself, I saved a total of $300 dollars! Follow this DIY Competition Bikini Guide and save some money too!

Supplies You Will Need

Below are the supplies you will need to rhinestone your own bikini exactly how I did. I purchased everything except the suit from Dreamtime Creations.

the supplies needed to rhinestone bikini

You don’t need to buy hot fix rhinestones but they tend to be the most durable. A hot fix crystal has the glue already attached to it and you use the applicator to melt it. You could save even more money by buying crystals without glue and gluing them yourself. I decided against this route because it sounded too tedious, messy, and would take more time.

Where to Buy a Competition Suit

I ended up buying the suit from Crystallini Bikini but you won’t find it there because it was custom. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I emailed them and had it built. It wasn’t much more expensive than purchasing one off the site, so I decided to do it. I highly recommend Crystallini Bikini if you’re looking for an affordable suit.

Other places to buy competition suits:

How to Use the Applicator

The applicator is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and wait for it to heat up. Once ready, you can start adding beads! Spread your rhinestones out on a heat safe surface face up. It’s important you put them face up because this will allow you to melt the glue and apply it easily. There are specific heads for the applicator, so be sure to use the correct size for your beads.

rhinestone bikini applicator wand

Once you have the correct applicator head, all you have to do is press the rhinestones into it face up. Wait 5-15 seconds for the glue to melt. You will know when it’s ready to apply when the glue is bubbling. Then, stick it to the bikini and press it down hard onto the suit for a few seconds. This is where you will want to the vase. Wrap your suit around a vase or something hard and round so you can press against it.

Adding Rhinestones to Competition Suit

The first place to start is by outlining the cups of the bikini and bottom with one row of SS20 rhinestones. You only have one shot with your DIY competition bikini so be careful and think ahead. If you want to apply your rhinestones in a pattern, be sure to lay it out ahead of time.

I decided to apply mine randomly without a pattern, so I outlined the cup and bottom with one row of SS20 beads. Once you finish outlining the bikini with rhinestones, start at one side and work your way across. Don’t keep going around in circles, as you will likely run into problems towards the end.

a bedazzled competition suit with SS20 crystals

I used SS20 crystals and spaced them about 1/8-1/4 inch apart, but you can fill it in based on preference. Continue laying beads until the cups and bottom are completely full of SS20’s. Now, you can start adding SS16’s, which are smaller. Use these crystals to fill in the gaps based on your preference.

For the bottom of the suit, I decided to fill the front like the cups but put fewer rhinestones on the back. This was partially due to me running out of rhinestones, but I also prefer less on the butt. Most competition bikinis have ruching on the back, which makes it hard to add a bunch of rhinestones.

One trick I found while adding rhinestones to the bottom was to use a big kitchen bowl. You can wrap the bottom around it, which makes it easier to apply and press the rhinestones down. I found this to work better than the vase when it came to the bottom.

It can take quite a while to bedazzle the whole suit so be patient! I would work on it for a half hour every couple days and finished it within a few weeks. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it all at once because is a lot of work!

The Final Product

So this is how my DIY competition bikini turned out! What do you girls think? I am happy with how it turned out and glad I went this route instead of purchasing a bedazzled suit. I was able to have the exact suit I wanted for much less than purchasing it outright.

bedazzle competition suit

This isn’t the only way to bedazzle a competition suit but was how I did mine. I hope this DIY Competition Bikini Guide was helpful. Be sure to watch the video below to see the process!

Watch the DIY Competition Bikini Video!