Macro Meal Planner

Easily build a custom meal plan based on your macro targets.

Effortless meal building

Simply select foods from a dropdown and start building your meals.  Watch the macro totals change in real-time as you input foods into the macro meal planner.  Easily build a day worth of meals based on your custom macro targets.

Built in food database

Our meal planner comes with a built in nutrition database including many common bodybuilding foods.  We recommend including a variety of each food group in your meal plan to avoid any micronutrient deficiencies.


Easily add custom foods

Can’t find the food you’re looking for? Simply add it to the nutrition database and start using it in your meal plan.  The macro meal planner makes it easy to add any food you can think of with just a little information.

How to use the Meal Planner

It can be difficult planning meals based on certain macros but not anymore! This excel diet planner template helps you easily build a custom meal plan based on your macro targets. Our excel template is a must-have for planning your macro diet. If you’re not sure what your targets should be, use our Macro Calculator to quickly calculate them.

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